Free Speech TV is a national independent news network committed to progressive social change and equity.
As one of the last remaining independent national news networks in the United States, it was extremely important for Free Speech TV to modernize their site. They needed to overhaul their visual identity, as their outdated design and clunky navigation were distracting from their overall mission of advancing social change.
Radish Lab worked with Free Speech TV to transform their outdated platform into a modern news site, leveraging better architecture, tags, and categories to guide users to their content. An updated video player and new UX allows viewers to engage as seamlessly on mobile as they do on desktop and an overhauled contribution system sets FSTV up for a bright future. The result is a site that captures the spirit of their progressive message, as well as projects credibility and authority.
Highlights + Impact
+ Modern design and navigable website with an emphasis on recent and trending content.
+  Streamlined and easy-to-use donation platform.
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